Sweetness and Fun {Clear Lake TX Family Photographer}

Last night was yet again another perfect night for a session!  This really is the absolute best time of year in Houston.  And I had such a beautiful family to go with the beautiful weather.  (Lucky me!  I have the best job in the world, I tell you!)


I love this next picture because it shows their fun and spunky side.  And believe me, this family definitely has a spunky side!  With two busy boys and a little girl that is equal parts sugar and spice, there is definitely lots of fun to be had!  deGroot-2-blog

And there is lots of sweetness mixed in with that fun, too. deGroot-3-blog

I took individual pictures of Miss D at her preschool a few weeks ago, and I was definitely looking forward to getting some more of her.  D is FULL of personality, and I love it!  She loves gymnastics, and was happy to give me some twirls in her new dress.  deGroot-4-blog

But like I said before, she is equal parts sugar and spice.  I can’t help but share this one that shows her little sassy side.  I told her she could do whatever she wanted for her picture, and she busted out with this.  We were all cracking up at the little hip and head wiggle that went along with it!deGroot-5-blog

And of course I can’t leave out her handsome brothers.  Both of the boys are cute as can be and have just the perfect amount of sweetness to go along with their all-boy-ness.  It’s a great combination (translation…lock up your daughters!  These two are the real deal.)deGroot-6-blog


Thanks so much for the fun session, D family!

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  1. So, I had yet to mix the words relaxing and fun with family pictures until Megan! Yes, wardrobe selections and getting everybody ready is always a bit chaotic but once we got to the location, it was easy breezy. Megan was fantastic with our kids in generating those natural smiles

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