Joy {Clear Lake TX Family Photographer}

I look forward to my session with this family so much every year.  Way back in 2010, Sarah contacted me to come take photos of her then 4 month old daughter.  I think that was one of my very first sessions with someone who wasn’t a friend or at least a friend of a friend.  It was one of my first “google” sessions.  I can remember being so nervous about our session!  But Sarah was so easy to work with, and the little Lucy was an absolute doll.  I love that I get to see them every year now, and that I’ve gotten to see Lucy grow up from a little fuzzy headed 4 month old to a full-fledged preschooler!


Want to take a walk down memory lane?  Check this out! Lucy at 4 months, 2010 family session, Lucy at 9 months, 2011 family session (also known as the Year of the Mosquitoes), and 2012 family session.  I can hardly handle how much all the girls have grown up!  But they are still the same beautiful family, that’s for sure.

lowe-1-blogLindsey is now a 4th grader, and is turning into such a little lady.  She looks so grown up!  And she has the most amazing blue eyes.  All the girls do, really. They are gorgeous!


I always have a soft spot in my heart for the middles, probably since I’m a middle, too.  I love that the first thing Lauren said to me this year was “Wanna hear something funny?  I’m 6, and I’ve lost 6 teeth!”  I love her.  She’s so much fun, and has also grown up so much since last year!  lowe-2-blog

I love this picture of Sarah surrounded by all her girls.  So beautiful, all 4 of them!lowe-5-blog

Every year, Sarah brings the cutest Christmas outfits for the girls.  Girls really are so fun to dress.lowe-6-blog

And the girls clearly DO love Santa.  This was the response when I asked who loved Santa.  I think I’ll take that as a resounding yes!lowe-7-blog

Reading back over this post, any editor would probably say that I used the word “love” too much, but I don’t even care.  It’s been such a privilege and a joy to meet up with them year after year!  I love it!

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