Good as gold {Friendswood TX Family Photographer}

This was yet another session that I was really looking forward to.  Last year, I donated a session to Camryn’s preschool, and this beautiful family placed the winning bid.  I was thrilled when I saw that they had won!  Miss E was one of Camryn’s best friends at preschool last year.  In fact, I would say that E was one of the girls who totally brought Camryn out of her shell and changed her from thinking school was ho-hum to loving it.  It’s fun for me to see my kids make their own friends, and E (along with two other sweet girls) were Camryn’s first made-on-her-own friends.  Even though we are now at a different school, and we’ll never be in school with E or the other girls again, they will always hold that special little spot in our hearts.

Anyway, all that backstory is to say that I couldn’t wait to get them behind my camera.  As I was getting my camera all ready to go, checking settings, etc., I snapped this this test shot of E.  She is such a photogenic little girl, so of course even thought it was just a test shot, it turned out great!  I love that sweet little smile.


Meet E’s big brother, a full-of-energy, spunky 8 year old boy.  And I know the way to an 8 year old’s heart involves a little jumping.  This pretty much sums up life with a boy!raska-2-blog

But G has a sweet side, too, as you can see.


I’m sure that these two fight, just like any brothers and sisters.  But judging by this picture, I would never believe it!  They are good as gold.


Of course we took lots of family photos, too.  They are seriously all so photogenic!  Such a beautiful family.  raska-3-blog  raska-5-blog


And one more that I just have to share.  That grin…the love…pictures like this are what I love about photography.  No posing, no direction, just giggles and smiles shared between a mom and her daughter.  raska-9-blog

It just doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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