two in one night

The boys have recently started sharing a room. While the first week went very smoothly, we are now in what I call the “testing phase”. Logan feels the need to test all of the bedtime rules again. Can I get out of my bed and play? Can I talk to Connor and keep him awake? What about climbing up on the top bunk? These are of course emphatic no’s at our house.

I just heard a little commotion in their room. This is the third of Logan’s “tests” tonight, so he’s already on thin ice. I just found him in Connor’s bed, literally on top of him. He was climbing on him over and over again, trying to accomplish who knows what. Logan’s in big trouble (this is the third night in a row we have found him in Connor’s bed.) D and I get done disciplining Logan, and we cannot contain the laughter any longer.

Why are we laughing? Because Connor did not even move during any of this.
And this is the kid who tells us on a regular basis that he doesn’t ever sleep. He just rests.
Yeah. That’s some pretty heavy resting!

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  1. Maybe Conner’s such a deep sleeper that hours of sleep only feel like a few minutes…so he thinks he’s just been resting. That’s crazy that Logan didn’t wake him up!!!

    P.S. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  2. Yuck! Good luck with this. We moved Wade and Lafe into the same room over a year and a half ago. They have had on and off moments. I am sooooooo ready to move into a house with 4 bedrooms though. They all sleep so much better when they are in their own rooms. Can’t wait!!!

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