I should be in bed

But I have this weird quirk where it’s really hard for me to fall asleep if I don’t go to bed first. I think it comes from being married to a night owl, of which I am not one. Until tonight, and I’m going to hate myself for it in the morning. But I have been scrapping and having so much fun! I will be posting them really soon. 🙂

So I thought since I am forced to stay awake until I fall over, I would share the weirdest dream I have ever had. Maybe someone wants to analyze it for me.

I was back in L.A., headed to an OB appointment. I had 3 different doctors at 3 different offices, and this particular one was located in a building that was a maze. Like a carnival maze. So I finally find the right office, and it is the most disgusting place I have ever stepped foot in. I am thinking this must not be right, but I patiently get in line at the reception desk. Suddenly, the receptionist is handing a metal mixing bowl to the girl in front of me and asking for a stool sample. Right there in the lobby. And when the girl balks about doing something like that in front of people, the receptionist gets all ugly and goes in the bathroom with her. I decided to leave at that point, and I get completely lost in the maze building. Luckily, this cute little black girl finds me and offers her help. I follow her for what feels like forever until she gets to this tiny little tube she wants me to crawl through. I can’t fit, so she directs me up a staircase. We wind up in the attic, which is actually the living quarters of a bunch of homeless kids. So, I pretend to be a homeless kid. There was one adult there, I guess in charge, and she handed out dog treats to us and told me I was no longer Megan and my new name was Kate. In this little homeless shelter for kids, there was a train ride. whoever could make the ride go the fastest won Disneyland tickets, and I made it my personal mission to win those tickets. I made the ride go so fast that we took off into the air, and ended up on the island in the tv show Lost.

Then I woke up.

Weirdest dream ever. No doubt.

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I thought this post needed a picture. It’s 12:35. This is what I look like at 12:35 a.m.

Photo 59.jpg

8 Replies to “I should be in bed”

  1. I’ve got you beat…its 1am and where should I be? right..in bed having weird dreams like you!

    Did you watch Alice in Wonderland lately? And the Disneyland part of your dream was because you are excited about CHA…just my guess. *yawn*

  2. Ok, 3 things:

    1. You look just like you did at 8:30 last night…If I stay up that late, it is not a pretty picture!

    2. That is the weirdest dream EVER!!!

    3. I hope you have it again so we know what happens!

    Love you!

  3. LOL!!! You still look wired in that picture! As for the dream…that is one strange dream (and you know I’m used to strange dreams)!! I have absolutely no clue what you might have been pondering during that sleep session!!!

  4. Ok – hmmm…you look perfectly normal at 12:3am – minus the fact that you are awake. That is not normal, my friend. Also, I think your dream means that you are having a baby girl and her name should be Kate. The rest is irrelevant. Oh, and I am a professional dream weaver – I mean, interpreter – so that is pretty accurate.

  5. your dream means you are having a girl and you will name her Kate…bc you mentioned several girls in your dream. haha. don’t you just love crazy pregnant dreams?

  6. I dreamt crazy dreams when I was pregnant…I wish I had blogged them too so I could remember them now! So…are you going to name your little girl Kate???

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