This is a very important question. Do you think this outfit:

(which of course needs good 80s hair and make-up. And please notice the jelly’s, the bangle bracelets, and the hoops)

Is more Cindy Mancini a la Can’t Buy Me Love:

(and I know you can’t really see her in this shot, but it was the best I could do.)

Or Molly Ringwald’s character (Andie, I think..) a la Pretty in Pink:


If you read this, you better comment! It’s of the utmost importance!

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  1. I’m gonna vote Pretty in Pink….but I NEED an explanation?!?!? What in the world are you dressing like that for…and where in the world did you find Jelly’s?!?

  2. Hmmmm I’ll say Molly Ringwald only because I haven’t seen “Can’t buy me love” in forever. But totally diggin the outfit…It’s like sooo cool! Like I’m totally thinking on wanna get me one…Like I love the belt…Like……..Ok I’m done!

  3. Definitly Cindy Mancini. It is a little to tame for Andie. I am a little concerned if you have had all of these items in your closet since the 1980’s.

  4. My vote is the Can’t Buy Me Love chica. You definitely need bigger hair, but overall, great choice. I do hope you tell us why!!

  5. I’m thinking it’s more Molly. I saw jellies the other day (I think it was at Kohl’s) and I COULD NOT believe they are coming back in style. The thing I remember about them is that they are so uncomfortable – sweaty feet, hard plastic cutting grooves into your skin – YUCK!! But, they were oh so cute! Did you ever lace different colors of skinny ribbon through them to match your outfits?!!

  6. Don’t know the Cindy girl, so I have to say Molly! I read your explanation post first! That outfit rocks…you’re going to be the hit of the party! And, too funny on Derek’s outfit. I think he needs to try on the woman’s blouse for a photo before you return it! 🙂

  7. Hey, these comments are messed up! Mine says it’s from Denise and then my name is on the next comment that is actually somebody else’s comment! I’m glad that person didn’t say anything x-rated or offensive!!

  8. Patrick and I think that the clothes aren’t startling enough to be convincingly 80’s. You’re too cute. 1980’s means high-top reeboks and multiple colored slouch socks, leggings that go all of the way down with stirrups and slip-on flats, drop waste multi-layered dresses, humongous shoulder pads, high-top keds, PLASTIC jewelry (plastic is key), and a men’s t-shirt that is knotted on the hip. If you’re going for cute 80’s girl you look good. If you’re going for party-stopping 80’s girl we know that there is so much more lurking in that Good Will store just waiting to be found 😉

  9. I’m a bonehead! I just realized that the author of the comments is listed BELOW the comments and not ABOVE the comments. I have been making lots of those kind of mistakes lately! Sorry…

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