Guess who’s back…

Back again…Megan’s back. Tell your friends.

That’s right, I’m back! Let me just start by saying the ONLY reason I haven’t blogged is that we didn’t have internet until this morning. What a long 11 days! I went to the library one day to use the internet, but going with the two little ones didn’t leave me even a second to blog. I could barely check my email. But now I’m back with internet so my blogging can get back to full swing. I guess in some ways maybe it was good that I didn’t have internet. I have managed to get a lot done with the house because I didn’t have the lure of my laptop. We are loving our house, just like we knew we would. I will post pictures soon.

It’s been so long since I blogged that I don’t even know where to start. There were many times when I thought “oh, I need to blog this!” but since I didn’t now I don’t remember. Well, I do remember one thing so I will leave you with this little anecdote.

The first day we were in our house was not a good day in the world of Connor. He has just been a real toot lately and that Saturday was pretty bad. Every single thing was a battle that day. We finally got him into bed did our nightly tuck in routine. Every night I say “Connor, how much do I love you?” and he replies “All the way to the stars.” I love our little ritual. On this night I laid in his bed like always and asked the question.

“Connor, how much do I love you?”
“All the way to nothing. And I don’t love you either.”

Broke my heart into a million little pieces. Obviously he didn’t mean it and now it’s pretty funny. But I did have a little breakdown about it when it happened. I know that all kids at some point tell their parents something like this. But I sure wasn’t expecting it already!

Every night since I have loved him to the stars, so it looks like it was an isolated incident.

Now I am off to catch up on my blog reading…it’s going to take me all day!

5 Replies to “Guess who’s back…”

  1. Welcome to the world of Terrible 3’s!!!! I swear that it was so much worse than 2’s and I dont really know how I will survive it with Chase. He is already a handful of a two year old. Will you email me back your address because I am coming to Houston in a few weeks and we wanted to invite you to a shower for Tricia! And I want to come see your house…are you ready for visitors??? And do you have an extra bedroom that I could sleep in MAYBEEEE????? :0)

  2. Hallelujah! I am so excited to be able to keep up with you again. That husband of yours is not very communicative and I only know what’s going on in your life by reading your blog.

    Kids really know how to pull our strings! It probably won’t be the last time Connor gets to you. You’re a great mom, so just keep that in mind when he “doesn’t love you either”.

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