Bowling night

Last night, we went bowling. It was so much fun! Connor especially loved it. After he bowled, he would jump and twit and breakdance until the ball got to the end. After every turn, he danced with joy. I think adults would find bowling more fun if they reacted like a 4 year old when hitting even a single pin.

After this:

Do something like this:

Logan was more interested in his cool shoes…

But after eating some pizza, he was all smiles.

The fun factor was really high last night. Definitely something to do again. In fact, Connor has his bowling birthday part all planned out, complete with guest list, type of invitations (they need to look like a bowling pin) kind of cake (one with strawberries on it), and decorations (balloons and 10,000 streamers that shoot into the air.) Knowing Connor, he will actually remember every one of these details when December rolls around!

On a completely different note, today while Derek cleaned out toys from under the entertainment center, he found what he thought was a Lincoln log. But upon closer inspection, it was actually a Vienna sausage. Reason number 32 why kids shouldn’t eat in the living room…

7 Replies to “Bowling night”

  1. YUCK on the sausage under the couch! I would have to have Josh deal with digging that out from under there if I ever found one, LOL!

    We LOVE bowling! The girls think it is just too fun also! Love your cute pics! I am thinking about you this weekend! 😉


  2. Fun! It looks like you guys had a great time. I know someone who is going to be jealous that he didn’t get to go bowling this weekend. Bowling is Ryan’s all time favorite sport 🙂

  3. ok, the one of him sqautting at the lane ,needs to be scrapbook champion, or blown up huge in your home..

    the composition is amazing!! you are a talented woman!


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