Oh, roomate, this is going to be good!

Everyone, meet Shauna.


I met Shauna sometime around 1993. We went to chruch camp together every summer. I think when I first met Shauna, I was really intimidated by her. She was really, really pretty and had all these older friends and boyfriends. But sometime during our years at camp, we became friends. We would pretty much only see each other that one time a year until 1998 when we decided to be college roomates. (and yes, I know roomate is supposed to have 2 m’s, but we always spell it with one. And we still call each other roomate.) Here we are at camp in 1998-the summer before our roomate adventures began.


And here we are on the day we moved in together. Notice the cute matching bedspreads.


I have so many fun memories with Shauna, and I know I had pictues of a lot of these, but I can’t find them! I remember painting fun murals on contact paper for our room. I remember one night challenging her to a handstand contest. I was actually really good at handstands, but Shauna had been a gymnast for years and years and didn’t think I could beat her. Well, she was right. I totally ate it, and had the most intense rug burn ever because of it. I remember guest night in our dorm when we put up a sign in the hallway and in our window, advertising our cute selves. I remember our fish Tyrone ( and Tyrone Jr. and Tyrone the third a.k.a. Trey…) I think Shauna won Tyrone somehow and we loved him. We took him home with us for Thanksgiving, and unfortunately when we got back to Abilene, Tyrone had left his earthly body. We had a burial ceromony for him, complete with songs and eulogy.


Oh, the fun we had! We only lived together for freshman year. Sophomore year, we lived next door to each other and I am pretty sure that we both wished we had stuck together. I left ACU halfway through our sophomore year and moved to Cali. But by then, we had formed a lifelong friendship and have kept in touch. She is one of the most amazing people I know. She is funny, loving, kindhearted, real, a wonderful mother, and beautiful on the inside and out. I am a better person for knowing Shauna.

We will always be roomates forever in my heart.


And totally random, but sort of related…remember my post last week about Blake? I found a picture of all 3 of us. And a cute one at that!


And I found this picture of my little brother and her little sister. I don’t remember them ever being good friends, but I think when people are at camp, they can just be bff’s for the week.


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  1. Okay, I first recognized the fabulous window of Nelson hall in the “move in day” pic. Then I recognized the Nelson West follies shirt and am wondering if you knew my cousin, Allyson Armstrong at ACU. She was on Nelson 2nd West (as was I a couple years later…) and left after freshman year. Random thought.

  2. What a wonderful tribute and what god-aweful pictures that you found! I am going to get this scanner to work if it kills me! I have all of the Shakazulu and Starlight pictures, dont you worry! The wind was blowing in that one of us with Blake, right???????? I know that I did not have that much volume in my hair!
    Oh – I am getting this scanner to work!!!!! I love you so much RM and I wish that we were still roomates also!

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