The Story of Austin

Yup, that’s his name so far. He’s named after Austin from The Backyardigans, and it conveniently flows pretty well with our cat named Dallas.

Monday afternoon I got an email from church about a dog that needed a home. You may remember back in June when we first discussed getting a dog. So the dog idea is not completely new, and I decided to call the family about him. Within 15 minutes, we were at their house playing with him. Clearly, he is super, super cute, but I decided it would be best to talk to Derek about it, and not just have him get home from work and find out I got us a dog. After dinner, we went back over to the family’s house, and 20 minutes later we left with Austin!

We aren’t sure exactly where he came from, what kind of dog he is, or how old he is. He showed up in the yard of a man from church last week. For 4 days, he ignored the dog, hoping he would leave or be found. When nothing happened, he passed him on to the family we got him from who have been wanting a dog. But their daughter is allergic so they couldn’t keep him. And now we have him! For good, I might add.

He is so good! Now, granted, he isn’t house broken yet…but I know that it will only take a few weeks for him to get it. He is so good with the kids, so fun to play with, and so sweet to cuddle with. He doesn’t bark, he sleeps on his little doggy bed at night, and I have not had to sweep my kitchen since he came to live with us! He is such a great little dog for our family!

Next week, I will be taking him to the vet, and maybe they can tell us what and how old he is. Derek and I think we can see chihuahua , dachshund (why isn’t that spelled doxen???), and a smidgen of lab in him.

so that’s that! The story of our newest family member!

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  1. Ok, so I have this mental picture of a lab and a chi-wa-wa (why don’t they spell this breed this way??) having sex . . . makes me laugh out loud! Welcome to the family!

  2. Dallas and Austin are great pet names…now you just need to get a goldfish and name him Houston 🙂

    I hope you have a fun weekend playing with your gang!

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