Farm, Part 2

Warning: You are about to see an obnoxious amount of pictures of my children.

After an early morning soccer game and a birthday party, I loaded up the party van and drove over an hour to this amazing farm.  A little bit crazy…perhaps…I did do this alone with the kiddos.  But it was well worth it!  We had such a good time.  It wasn’t too busy, which means the kids could run around more.  The rain held off until about 6:30, so the only thing we missed out on was the lighted pumpkin stroll.  And the corn maze.  Something told me that entering into a maze with 3 small children might not be the brightest idea.

The first thing the boys wanted to do was take the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.   Camryn was a bit unsure about this whole hayride thing.


But once we got there, she really warmed up to the excitement of it all.


The boys searched high and low for their perfect pumpkins.


While Camryn cheered them on with lots of squealing and pointing.


Connor finally found the perfect pumpkin.  Except this one turned out not to be so perfect.  I think he changed his mind two or three more times before he finally settled on one. Truth be told, I think he just liked popping them off the vines.


On the hayride back, Camryn appeared to be bored.  “Come one, ma.  This hayride thing is old news.  Can we do something different?”


But Logan was all smiles.


After the pumpkin picking, it was time to play.







We took a ride in a barrel train, and judging by the looks on their faces, I’m guessing it must not have been their favorite activity.



When it became clear that everyone was tired, (and with the rain that was starting to fall harder and harder), we called it day.


Good-bye, pumpkin patch!  We’ll see you next year.  And hopefully D will be able to go with us.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even get a picture of everyone smiling.  Unlike this year.


Farm day, part 1

I took the kids on a big adventure to the farm today.   We really had a blast, although we are all exhausted.  Of course, like any good scrapbooker/mom/photographer wannabe, I took a million pictures.  I decided to go for that elusive photo of all three actually smiling.  I think at this point I would be happy with everyone even looking at me!  I might just send this out as our Christmas card, because this is just real life, folks.


I did come away with this money shot.  I couldn’t believe it when I said “hey, put your arms around each other.” and they actually did!


Sweet Camryn.  This pretty much sums up her favorite farm activity.  She thought that every pumpkin was a personal seat just for her.


It really was a great day, but I’m falling asleep fast, so I’ll have to get to the details another day.  But I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures right away.