Halloween ’10

So yesterday, I’m pretty sure that at least once, I said ” I am so over Halloween!”

It may sound like I’m a big hater of Halloween, but we really did had fun.  We like the candy, we like the costumes.  We carve the pumpkins, toast the seeds, make pumpkin spice muffins, trick or treat, and most years make a trip to the pumpkin patch and a fall festival or two.

But Halloween?  I’m over you.

You will never hear me profess my love of Halloween.  It isn’t anywhere close to my favorite holiday.  We do all the fall/Halloween stuff because the kids love it, and I promise during most of it, I really am having fun.

But the fun ends at precisely 8:35, when it’s an  hour past bedtime and everyone is coming down from the sugar high.  Then there are the pounds and pounds of candy.  There is the daily begging for more candy (although this year, the kids have not asked for more than 2 pieces at a time which I can totally live with.  Is it possible that we won’t have the candy battle this year?)

I’m always a little glad when Halloween is over for another year.

Hopefully, someday I’ll look back at these pictures and just remember the good.  Actually, even just one day out, it all just seems good.

Yesterday afternoon, I carved the pumpkin.  I am the official Thurman family pumpkin carver.  Logan helped me pick the design this year.  And while I slaved away….

The kids ran amok.

I never know what the kids are going to choose as their costumes.  We usually have several changed minds, which is why I’ve learned to buy costumes of interest here and there and just have a well stocked costume box.

This year, we had Obi Wan Kenobi,


And Super Girl. The tutu was her own addition, and I think it added just the right touch.

I like this next picture because Logan and Camryn are pretty much making the same face, and you can see some of my festive Halloween decorations, including my pumpkin.  This was my first time to use a stencil, and it really came out cute!  I do love it when the kids draw the face, but since they really weren’t involved in it this year, I’m glad I went with the stencil.

We trick or treated for a record amount of time this year, bringing in quite the haul.  They all had fun running from house to house, and much to my delight, there were at least some houses where I didn’t have to remind them to say thank you.  I’m so glad that every once in a while, my attempts to teach them manners seems to work!

And, of course, at the end of the night, there is the candy fest and organizing.

(Pretend there is a pic of Connor here.  He stripped down to his skivvies the second we walked in the door.  As is typical for Houston, it was pretty warm last night!  At almost 8, I figured if I so much as pointed my camera in his direction, he would have given me the stink eye big time.)

One last picture to share…maybe my favorite picture from the whole night…

Hope y’all all had a wonderful Halloween!