This is my friend, Erika, who was pregnant with her 4th baby on this gorgeous Friday afternoon.  I say was pregnant because 24 hours after we took these pictures, baby Claire entered the world!  Erika was such a trooper through this shoot even though I think she was having contractions the whole time and obviously about to pop!

Erika is such a beautiful pregnant woman.  Well, she’s a beautiful woman pregnant or not.  She is amazing with her little brood of children.  She is one of those people who you can tell was just made for motherhood.

And she’s got a great husband who supports her every step of the way.

I love this next shot of all the girls. It’s one of my favorites from the entire session.

Thanks a bunch, Erika, for letting me take your pictures.  You are beautiful and your family is beautiful!

One thought on “Number 4

  1. Leslie

    wow! these pics are AWESOME!!!! sunlight streaming through the huge oak trees, wow!
    Erika- you are one beautiful pregnant girl!

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