It’s Here!

The fire truck bed, that is. As I type this, Connor is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time. But that’s not the only momentous thing about tonight. For about the past week I have been trying to get rid of Connor’s pacifiers (a.k.a. his ducks). I have been slowing cutting the nipple off. Up until tonight he has needed his little nub of a duck to go to sleep. Yesterday he went to bed without it and I thought we had conquered the duck. But, about 10 minutes after he was tucked in he needed it. Tonight I figured the same thing would happen. The only problem is that I couldn’t find the duck. It got lost somehow during the room rearranging today. But, thanks goodness it turned out to be a non-issue. Connor has fallen asleep for the first time without needing his paci! I’m so happy-but a little sad that my baby is grown up. Now if we could just conquer the potty…

Connor is thrilled with his new bed. As soon as it was put together, he gathered up his trucks and started playing on his bed. He couldn’t wait to go night-nights. I was a little worried that when bedtime came he would do more playing than sleeping. But this was also not an issue. He put on his firetruck pj’s, got his firetruck book and his softie and climbed right in. I can’t believe how smoothly this transition has been. Now as soon as Logan starts sleeping a little longer at night, my two boys can share a room (and I can finally stop waking up a million times because of the dinosaur noises Logan makes.)

Playing on the new bed.

Peacefully sleeping.

And just for good measure, a picture of my three boys.

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  1. Aw Megan- he looks too cute in his bed! Austyn has a race car bed! How old is he??? 2? Anyways we got rid of austyns “suckie” just a couple months ago. Lost it one night and I decided it was time to give it up! Only took a few nights of him crying for it for 5 min to forget about it completely!!! We told him that we had to give it to the little babies who needed it. LOL- worked pretty well!

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