Someday Connor’s Gonna Kill Me

I just know that he’s going to hate all the pictures I took of him. This one is just priceless!

April 086.jpg

Since Logan was born, I’ve only made it to church one Sunday. For the first two, he was still kind of little and I was still recovering. The third Sunday, the Thurman’s were here and we can’t all fit in the car so I stayed behind with Logan. The 4th Sunday I finally made it. Granted, we were late and I spent most of the service feeding Logan in the ladies lounge. But I made it. I had every intention of going today, but it just didn’t happen. To be on time, we need to be pulling out at 10:20, which means walking out the door about 10:13. At 10:00 I had just gotten out of the bath tub. Logan was sleeping and still in his pajamas (actaully his 3rd pair-we had a little episode of projectile spit up this morning…) I could have rushed to get ready and we might have only been 10 minutes late. But, I decided it would be better to send Derek and Connor to church and I could have a little break. And as much as I love going to church, this morning was wonderful. Logan was a little bit fussy, but I really enjoyed getting to spend one on one time with him. Once he fell asleep I had a chance to scrapbook, which is something that hasn’t happened much in the past month.

scrapbook 111.jpg

All in all it was a really great morning. I feel refreshed and ready to start another week.

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