Big Blue Eyed Derek Junior

Last week Ryan posted a neat eye color calculator on his blog. I actually find the calculator a little tricky because hazel isn’t a choice. My eyes aren’t really brown, but they aren’t true green either. According the the calculator, if my eyes are brown (and Derek’s are definately blue) our kids have a 13% chance of blue eyes, a 13% of green eyes and a 72% chance of brown eyes. If my eyes are green, our kids have a 33% chance of blue eyes, a 66% chance of green eyes, and no chance of brown eyes. Connor’s eyes stayed blue for a pretty long time after he was born, but not bright blue-more like a slate blue. Now they are still sort of blue but more hazel-y than Derek’s eyes and more blue than my eyes. Here’s a picutre of them:

January 0171.jpg

When Logan was born, Derek and I thought that his eyes were going to turn brown for sure. They were really dark slate blue. Over the past few weeks, it seems to me like his eyes have been turning bluer and bluer (is that a word?) I think his eyes are such a pretty color right now. I hope they stay just the way they are.

May 031_1.jpg

I took this picture of Logan the other night and couldn’t believe how much he looked like Derek. Maybe we should start calling him D.J. for Derek Junior. Then we can be cool and call him Deej like on Full House.

May 051.jpg

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