Today was a whirlwind. Actually, this whole week was a whirlwind. Is it really almost Sunday already? I just feel like time is flying by so fast these days.

So here’s what I should have done today:
-cleaning-in particular the bathrooms and the bedrooms
-Get most of the way packed for our trip home on Monday. The whole packing thing is a major undertaking and even though we aren’t leaving until Monday morning I really needed to do most of it today. Especially since packing my scrapbook stuff is a day long project just in itself.
-Read the last of “The Marriage Builder” for our small group tomorrow.
-Bake some yummy dessert for our small group.

Here’s what I actually did today:
-4 loads of laundry
-cleaned 1 of the bathrooms
-got the boy’s clothes most of the way packed.
-packed just a smidgen of the scrapbook stuff I need.
-played outside with the boys.
-read Connor’s library books to him several times. Two of them are about airplanes and one is a Thomas book that nearly puts me to sleep.
-Watched 2 episodes of ER, 2 episodes of America’s Next Top Model (smut, I know. Pure smut.), and 1 Elmo video.
-Made a pretty good dinner (if I do say so myself)
-Finished up these two scrapbook pages. The first is this weeks Effer Dare, and the second just because I was on a role.

scrapbook 141.jpg scrapbook 142.jpg

-burned a couple of CD’s-pictures and music.
-Updated my iPod for the trip, including 32 Hi-5 songs for Connor. That’s a butt load of Hi-5. But I am hoping that it will make our flight just a little more enjoyable-both for Connor and those around us.

While I didn’t do everything that needed to be done today, when I put it down in a list like that, I can see I did actually accomplish a lot today. Especially considering that Derek had to work all day.

So, it’s off to bed for me in preperation for the busy-ness that will consume tomorrow. And then it’s to Texas we go! I’m so looking forward to it. Looking forward to seeing my family and friends, looking forward to having help with the boys, looking forward to lots of scrapping, and looking forward to hopefully finding our perfect house.

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