The golden life

I live a golden life. Really, I do. Last night, despite feeling under the weather, I went outside to get some pictures of all my boys. I love the shots I got yesterday. They made me think.


My life is golden.
I am blessed beyond measure.
I have a Derek. A man who works hard so I can stay home, takes care of my needs and many of my wants. A man who loves our children and is dedicated to this family.
I have children. Two healthy, beautiful children. And they joined our family easily.
I have friends and family who love me, support me, make me laugh, tell me the truth when I need to hear it, and love me just for being me.
I have a house. A nice house. And I have the luxury of fixing up said nice house so it’s even prettier.
I have hobbies. And the luxury of time and money to pursue my hobbies.

I never, ever want to stop being thankful for my life.
It’s golden.

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  1. The true blessing is that you don’t take it for granted and you do enjoy it even more because of that! You have a beautiful family and they are very blessed to have you too!!

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