Kids have the best timing

You know, like when they choose the middle of the prayer to annouce to the congregation that the man up there is fat and hairy. Or when the let loose with explosive diarrhea in the middle of a three hour plane ride. Or when the choose a holiday weekend to be the sickest they’ve ever been.

Yup. Kids have good timing. Poor little Logan bug…I think he has finally turned the corner. I’ll say it again-it sure is nice to have a doctor in the family when your kid is sick on the 4th of July.

How good does this look?So instead of doing lots of fun things with my brother Patrick who has the week off and is visiting us, and instead going to see the fireworks (which I have missed three years in a row, much to my disappointment.), we have been quarantined to the house. We had James, Kathy, and the crew over last night for a barbeque and the soccer game. Side note-that was one of the greatest sporting events I have ever watched. 118 minutes of scoreless soccer, then 2 goals in the last 2 minutes of overtime. So intense!) The highlight of the 4th of July would have to be this cake that Kathy made. I’m fairly certian that is definitely not in the weight watchers plan, so thank goodness for my exercise and flex points yesterday!

I’m am really looking foward to Friday-I’ve got something planned for Derek as a late Father’s Day gift. He has no idea what it is, and I am so excited to finally tell him! This is a long time for me to keep a secret.

So that’s it for now. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. Oh Megs, I am so sorry your little guy was sick on the 4th…what a bummer! I hope he is feeling better now. (((hugs)))

    I’m excited for you for Derek too! Now I am so excited to find out what the surprise is too! :)))

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