Stories from the weekend

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The other night, Connor kept asking for water at bedtime. I think he ended up drinking about 30 ounces of water. I wanted to stop filling his cup, but Derek convinced me that he really might be dehydrated and he needed it.

About 30 minutes after the drink-a-thon, I hear some yelling coming from his room. He tried to make it to the bathroom, but his poor little bladder was just too full. Big fat puddle on the floor. Derek takes him back for a quick bath, where he proceeds to pee uncontrolably again and exclaim “why do I keep doing that?!” So Derek explains that he just drank too much water, and one glass is enough at bedtime.

“But daddy, I need to get a big belly like Santa Clause! And that’s how he got his big belly so I need to drink a lot, a lot, a lot of water!”

Where does he come up with this stuff??

Connor has a wallpaper border around his room in the middle of the wall. I guess Derek and I didn’t glue it down good enough in a few spots, and curious three -year-old hands have ripped it. This morning I noticed that one of the pieces that used to be hanging is gone completely. So I ask Connor what happened to it.

“Don’t worry mom. I just did that when I was 18 months old, so it’s okay.”

Hmmm…I guess I have to stop saying that the things Logan does are okay since he’s only 18 months old…


We went on a family adventure this evening. This consists of walking down to the park to play for a bit and then walkig home along the big ditch that runs behind our neighborhood. The boys love this adventure. While at the park, Derek actually said the words “Logan always reminds me of Sloth.” Um, excuse me??? Our super cute son reminds you of the deformed giant on The Goonies?! We could not stop laughing about that. Logan did look a little funny with his face smashed in between the bars on the jungle gym, but to say he always reminds him of Sloth was a bit of an overstatement.

I also gently reminded Derek that Logan is the spitting image of him, so he basically just called himself Sloth…

We got home from our adventure only to realize we locked ourselves out of the house. We have a super handy garage code opener that suddenly didn’t work. Not cool. I called Kathy for the spare key, and we spent some good quality time outside enjoying the beautiful evening with a ton of our neighbors. Good old Southern hospitality. One nieghbor let us borrow the phone. Another neighbor provided paper towels, ice, and baby mortin when Logan did a dive into the curb. As if Logan’s lips weren’t full enough already…he now offically looks like Bubba Gump. Poor kid. But in typical Logan fashion, he wanted to keep splashing in the puddle, even with blood gushing out of his mouth.

About 5 minutes before Kathy arrived, we decided to try the garage code one last time. And what do you know…it opened. Perfect timing. Good thing Kathy loaded up the kids and drove 20 minutes to bring us the key…

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  1. Good job, you made me cry. That is the hardest that I have laughed since I have been in China. However, it doesn’t excuse you from being super flighty with calling me. I am looking forward to seeing you guys in January.

  2. I love you i love you i love you!!

    I saw the trans siberian orchestra on regis and kelly like, a year ago. last night i was looking for grandparents music and was thinking “man, if only i could remember the name of that orchestra group i loved so much on regis and kelly”

    YES! You ROCK!

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