cry baby

I turned into a complete cry baby at the marathon. First, I cried when I met my friends before the race. Then, I cried when I went back to the hotel room after the race started. Then I had a ton of fun cheering everyone on with my hot pink “Bay Area Fit Woo Hoo” and “Red Runners Rock” posters at mile 12 and mile 18. Then I went to the finish line, and the tears really started. Holy cow, what an emotional experience! I think I would cry even without the current circumstances. There is just something about seeing all these people, from all walks of life accomplish something that took months and months of hard work and dedication. I cried when a very overweight woman came walking up with the help of a friend. She was crying as she finished her half marathon in just over 5 hours. I cried when the father/son team crossed the line holding hands. I cried when the woman stopped to kiss the marine standing next to me, and he choked up as he told her how proud he was. I cried, and cried, and cried some more. If you’ve never gone to a marathon finish, go. It was inspiring, amazing, and just incredible.

So all in all, it was a fun weekend despite the obvious disappointment. We enjoyed a fantastic meal at Buca Di Bepo in honor of Patrick’s birthday. We took Noel to Chuck E. Cheese for her very first time. We got the boys’ haircuts. We played football in the backyard, watched a lot of football, visited, and just had fun with family.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Patrick and Noel at Chuck E. Cheese.

Playing the snow mobile game is very intense! (and this also shows off Connor’s shaggy hair)

Logan’s shaggy hair

Connor post haircut. When ever we spike it like that, he calls it “spooky hair.”

Logan’s snazzy new ‘do.

The birthday boy. what a dirtbag!
birthday boy.jpg

The foot of mookery. I couldn’t get a picture that really does the pain justice, but you can see the bruising from my heel to my toes, and my foot looks like it belongs to a pregnant woman.
hurt foot.jpg

8 Replies to “cry baby”

  1. Ouch! Looks like it hurts!

    I remember crying as I finished my marathon. Dad was waiting for me at the finish line (we were separated at the start and ended up running separately…he beat me) with tears in his eyes. I told him that if I ever did it again I’d be a water stand volunteer rather than a runner! LOL!

    Oh…can’t believe that Noel has NEVER been to Chuck E. Cheese!!!

  2. Man that is one swollen foot!! I’m sure it is soo painful!

    I’m glad you got to go to the marathon! I know it was emotional, but sounds like it was good for you!

    The boys look ADORABLE after their haricuts!!!!

  3. I am so sorry that happened!!! What a bummer! I know you were really looking forward to that. 🙁
    Cute pictures of the boys, as usual!

  4. Oh Meg! I was crying just reading that. I hate it for you that you didn’t get to run. I loved this post. What fun!!! I hope that your foot heals soon. That looks very painful. Love you lots!

  5. AAAGGHHH!! I haven’t had an ankle like that since I was a high school cheerleader and I was a big baby about it then when I was constantly getting hurt….I can’t imagine how big of a baby I would be about it now. I feel so bad for you and you have held up so well for that bad of an injury!

  6. I agree. The finish line of a marathon is a trip! I guess that was not the right word to use in this case, was it! At least you didn’t trip at your wedding – right? That would have been on film. Always something to be thankful for!!!


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