Little Grown Up

Connor has been cracking me up lately with his grown up phrases. Here is a sampling:

I’d rather not say (said one day when I asked him how his day was)
I guarantee…
It’s looks very nice. (said when I asked how he liked paint I chose for the bedroom. I think this one made me laugh because of his tone. It was said so formally!)
In a moment.

Funny kid, that one. He’s growing up so fast. Sniff.


Totally different topic…
While I was in California, I got the opportunity to spend time with some of my best friends. It was so fun and wonderful and just what I needed. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and not realized at the time that it was sort of life-changing? I had one of those, and I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but haven’t. So here it is. The somewhat life-changing conversation. I simply asked my friend Beth what was in their future as far as her and her family moving. It was something we both talked about a lot when I lived there-she has never felt that Southern California was where they would stay permanently, just like Derek and I. Basically, she answered the question like this: “just live where you are.” On a church leadership retreat, they had studied an Old Testament passage that basically said to put down roots where you are. Marry your kids. Get involved. Don’t worry about what’s next. She was completely convicted by that, and in turn, so was I. Just live life where you are. I realized that I haven’t lived here. And I’m not sure I really lived in Pasadena either. For the past 9 years, I have been living life looking forward to what’s next. In college, it was marriage. For several years, it was looking forward to having babies. Then looking forward to D finishing school and moving. And even now, I haven’t really put roots down in Houston, knowing that chances are high we will move again in the next few years. But that is no excuse! Am I going to live forever always wondering, always looking ahead, and never fully living anywhere? NO! I’m telling you, it was really convicting. Since that conversation, I decided it was time to really get involved in our new church. Time to put down some roots, build some relationships. And it has been amazing. I joined a women’s bible study that is just exactly what I need-I can feel myself growing and changing. I love that. Derek and I joined a couples group. We went to a super bowl party. Went to lunch after church with several other couples. I hit McD’s with another mom after our bible study this morning. It feels so good to really live here. It feels good to put down some roots and and start to build meaningful relationships. So that’s it. Four little words that have had a huge impact on my life. Live where you are.

Coming tomorrow…an example of something that I know now was completely and totally the hand of God leading us.
Then it will be back to the regularly scheduled blogging about bedroom makeovers, kid stories, and general Meg-ness.

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  1. **Big boy Connor is!!! What an awesome blog entry Meg! How neat that the Lord used someone you don’t see often to really speak to you! You’re truly blessed! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. LOVE that pic of Connor!

    I was thinking the other day about how I’m always looking forward to the “next thing”. I didn’t really have any closure to my conversation with myself…until now!! Wow, it really is amazing how the Lord works!! I will be pondering that advice, and what that needs to mean to me!

    I’m so happy for you & Derek!

    Love you!! Happy V-Day!

  3. hi.. you don’t know who i am, but you are one of “CARES” friends on her blog site.. from time to time i stop in to see her blog and her friends as well.. when i happened upon your blog and wow.. today’s post hit me right away!!! my husband and i too have moved a lot.. from so cal to dallas, TX back to so cal… i fell in love with dallas and found myself dying to go back.. we have now lived here in palmdale, CA for three years.. and i need to “live where i am”!!! otherwise i am going to waste all these precious years of life thinking of moving back to texas…. live where i am.. so profound.. you really touched my heart today and i think you may have changed my life.. thanks!!!!

  4. Very convicting – Live Where You Are! I have always been the type to look to whats next also. It is kind of a relief to think in this perspective. Love you RM

  5. Megan, Good for you. I’m glad that you are happy and getting involved. You are a sweet, energetic, and passionate person. I know that the people you encounter in Houston will really benefit from knowing you. This post really seems to have been a great blessing to a lot of people. Thank you for sharing your heart. I like knowing and reading about this part of you.


  6. connor is so handsome and grown-up!
    your 4 words are sticking with me too, live where you are. i really have to work on that since we seem to always be in route somewhere else. thanks for sharing!!! i just started my own blog too. i am excited about it. it’s pretty fun!

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