He’s got style

c_outfit.jpgOh yes he does. When I think about this day, I really don’t want to remember the bad parts. And trust me, there were bad parts. It was just one of those days. What I want to remember is that when Connor did finally go get dressed by himself, this is what he chose to wear. I love it. You better believe that I loaded up the crew and headed to the store with Connor dressed like that. I think that was our happiest hour this whole day. Connor loves talking to people at the store, loves helping me shop, and I love that I can just look at his crazy outfit and smile at him expressing himself. I am not sure how I will feel about self-expression when he is a teenager and comes home with blue hair or something, but for now he can dress himself in whatever weather appropriate outfit he chooses.

Conversation with Connor:

“Mom, can you fix my airplane?”
“Connor, you know how to fix it. Why don’t you do it?” (we were having a rather helpless day today…)
“But mom” he says tearfully,”I don’t know how to get the wings to stay, and I certainly don’t know how to put the front wheel on!”
Behind muffled laugher, “You’re certainly right, Connor. The wing and wheel are very tricky”

I love when my 4 year old talks like a 20 year old. Cracks me up.

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  1. Okay, that is hilarious!!!!!!!! I love that he is so creative and expresses himself through his clothing! Jana Kay was always wearing crazy outfits like that! We still laugh at her pictures.

    Juli Beth

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