Patrick, pretend to be surprised when yours arrives in the mail


That was my second attempt. Want to see the first?


No, that was not on purpose. And, to make this story even better, I didn’t even realize that I had messed up. I showed Derek the masterpiece with the paper was still covering up the letters, and he immediately says “Meg, those letters are backwards!” And I said, “no, they aren’t. When I take the paper off, the will be right.” To which he replied, “because they are going to magically turn themselves around?” Doh. And yet another concrete example of how my brain fails to process spatial relations. But at least they are straight. I even busted out the level to achieve maximum straightness. See? I can use tools!

D and I spent the whole day preparing for the big trip to Florida! I am really excited about going, and I’ve been praying all week (ok, since the moment we decided to go) that the car ride would be as smooth as possible. We haven’t done a long car ride since Connor was a year old, and we’ve never done one with Logan. I’m a little nervous about it. But the car is fully stocked with snacks and toys and movies. Kids these days really have it good as far as riding in the car goes.

So that’s it. Over and out. See y’all next week!

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