I might just shave my head

After today’s experience, I am so utterly disgusted with hair that I might just shave mine off completely. Warning: This Blog Will Contain A Disgusting Picture

For the past few days, the drain in our shower has been a little slow (I bet you know where this is going already.) There are few things that gross me out more than wet hair balls. Actually, any wet hair that is not connected to my head grosses me out. It’s one of those weird things-it literally sets off my gag reflex. So pulling hair out of a drain is definitely Derek’s job and has been our entire marriage. And I realize that 98% of the hair in our house belongs to me, but it’s still just his job.

Well, my Handy Dandy Husband is not here at the moment and I decide to get all ambitious and take care of it myself. How bad can it really be? Derek has mentioned that he wishes I would take care of more stuff like this while he is gone, so since I am going for Wife of the Year, I will fix the slow drain. And also the next time I see an ant covered dead cockroach, I will at least kill the ants.

I gathered the tools, the most important being long rubber gloves. I unscrew the drain guard thing, stick my finger down the hole, gag, pull up hair, gag, pull up more hair, gag again, close my eyes, hold my breath, pull up more hair, and gag again. I barely open one of my eyes and see that there is still a big glob of hair that I can’t reach with my hand. So I get a metal hanger, put it down the hold, gag again, and pull up a kitten-sized clump of decaying hair. And I of course gag again.

Have I mentioned the smell? Yeah, not pretty.

I decided that I needed proof for Derek at how disgusting it was, so I did take a picture. Brace yourself.


Now if pulling that out of a drain doesn’t award me at least a Wife of the Year nomination, I don’t know what will!

I just gagged again.
Suzanne did this on her blog (Shauna, I am still waiting for yours!) Here is my transformation:

Before Make-Up:

After Make-Up and hair fixed. Now, hair fixed is really unfixed this time of year. It is raining today, so it’s all about the waves. My hair really isn’t quite long enough for my wavy hair. But my hair is either like this or in a ponytail until October when the humidity goes away. Straightening it is just WAY too much work.


9 Replies to “I might just shave my head”

  1. Yuck! I’ve pulled hairballs out of my shower before…but NEVER that big! EWWWW!!!

    As for the pictures…you look beautiful in both of them!

  2. Okay, that is sooooooooooo disgusting!!! I can’t believe that you actually did that. I guess your drain is draining much faster now.

  3. **Yes you definitely get Wifey of the Year in my book cuz I have what they call “Folical Phobia”. LOL Any type of hair grosses me out when it’s not in the appropriate places. hee hee You are so brave my friend….. Luv the pics you took of yourself!

  4. EWW!!! That’s disgusting. I have to pull my hair out as I’m rinsing and make a pile on the side of the tub. Then, I grab toilet paper and grab it to throw it away after my shower. It is really gross, even when it’s your own hair! They do make this very hand drain thing that’s plastic with little spikes. It grabsthe hair for you, and if you really can’t stand it, you can just throw the whole thing away and buy a new one, otherwise you can pull the hair quickly off of that.

  5. and Wife of the Year goes toooooooooo………….

    oh my gosh. (i think i just gagged in my mouth a little)

    I stick my “detached” hairs to the side of the shower, it drives hubby CRAZY! LOL! Maybe I should show him this picture and say, “do you want me to let them go down the drain?”

    you are super.

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