I fought the good fight

And I survived to tell about it.
(Okay, so this isn’t really a war or near death experience…it’s just typical over-dramatic Meg)
The time: 11:15 p.m.
The place: Kitchen in the Casa de Thurman
The intruder: The biggest roach ever.
The twist: Official bug killer is not at home, leaving the damsel in distress, Megan, to fight the intruder.

First, I gathered my arsenal-Ortho Roach, Spider, and Ant Killer and a tupperware container to be used as a trap. I sprayed. He ran. Across the counter, behind the cutting board, up the wall, onto the ceiling where he plummeted to what I hoped was his death. But no. He was a true fighter. He tried to escape in the pantry, but found it to be a dead end. He turned the corner into the dining room where I let out a high pitched squeal and threw the tupperware container on him. Victory! Now that he is trapped and has been hit with poison, I can just wait for him to die.

But wait.
What is that noise?
Say it isn’t so!
Dallas the Cat is curious about the noise coming from the tupperware container. In an unfortunate stroke of luck, Dallas pushes the tupperware halfway onto the rug, giving The Intruder just enough room to escape again. I let out another screech. This time I will show no mercy. A full 30 second shot of bug spray from close range ought to do it. He staggered across the floor, rolled onto his back, and with a final leg twitch, admitted defeat.

I did it. I killed the roach. Cleaned him up off the floor. Scoured both scenes of the crime with Clorox kitchen cleaner.

Tomorrow I will be making yet another call to pest control.

Time now: 12:06 a.m.
I am completely wired, and so I blog.

Hairballs, road kill, and roaches. My summer is off to a really disgusting start.

3 Replies to “I fought the good fight”

  1. Have your ever thought of putting a shoe on and just stepping on it? Yes…it makes more of a mess…but it seems to kill them quicker! lol

  2. I’m glad you were able to find bug spray. I found a snake at my parent’s house one time and shot it with a quarter can of overn cleaner. Then I put a huge trash can over it with a sign that said “Snake in here.” When I got up in the morning, I found it in the same place. Nobody had taken care of it for me.

    I’m excited to finally live in a house where a man WANTS to protect me for big bad bugs, or snakes, or gekkos, ect.

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