Things I thought about blogging this week

-Logan spilled and crushed up a bowl of cheez-its on the living room floor, and I asked Connor to clean it up for me. That may not seem fair, but using the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner is one of Connor’s favorite things. He vacuumed my living room for 30 solid minutes, on his hands and knees individually getting each crumb. He even took all the cushions off the couch, and asked me to move it so he could get underneath. It was awesome.

-Connor ran a race this morning. Every year, our church hosts a 5K race and Kiddie K, and it was this morning. He was so cute! When I saw how far they were going (I would guess about 400 yards), I thought for sure he would stop halfway through. But nope, he did the whole thing, arms pumping, stride bounding, brow furrowed. All the kids got 1st place ribbons when they finished. Connor was so proud of himself-he kept telling people he won the race. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of this. I had to be at church at 6 a.m. since I was on the race committee, and Derek forgot the camera. Totally not his fault…he had to get both kids up and to church by 7:30…not an easy task for sure! I am kicking myself for not remembering the camera myself. I have the best mental pictures of him at the starting line, poised and ready to go, and rounding the final corner barely overtaking another kid.

-Logan has started calling me Mom instead of Mommy. Um, no. I am so not ready to just be mom!

-I just made the most hard-core pie I have ever made. It’s called Peanut Butter Silk pie. It has a homemade crust, a layer of melted milk chocolate, a layer of the pb goodness (cream cheese, pb, white chocolate), a layer of melted semi-sweet chocolate, a layer of crushed peanuts, and finally, homemade whipped cream and chocolate garnish. It’s intense. It has about 2.5 cups of cream, in addition to the other rich ingredients.


-Derek bought me flowers last week, which I included in the picture of the pie. I love flowers. They’ve lasted 9 days so far. Pretty impressive!

Stephen Speaks has a new album out, and I am loving it.

-I scrapbooked for the first time in so long. Sometimes it’s good to take a little break. I’m not full-swing back into it, but I’m getting there.


-I am feeling all organize-y. I purged a bunch of the kids’ toys today, and I have several other areas I plan to attack this week. I love when I get all organize-y. I also love when I make up words.

-I am so, so happy for my brother who got a great job in the HB! That’s Huntington Beach for those of you who are not California cool. When he called to tell me, I said “too bad mom didn’t accidentally get pregnant with you like 3 years earlier. Then we could have both lived in Cali at the same time.” I take any opportunity to remind him of his accidental conception. Or as my mom would say “unplanned, but not unwanted. And not unloved.” I think what she really means is “unplanned, but not unwanted because at that point we knew you were coming. Not unloved, but not quite as loved as Megan” Just kidding, of course. I love Patty Rob!

-I joined the gym last week. It’s time to get my lazy bones back into shape! I did good this week, working out three times. I even have 5 sessions with a personal trainer coming up, which I always thought was for old people, or people who wear fancy workout clothes. But I really like it! I won’t have more than 5 sessions…it costs an arm and a let to have one all the time! Luckily, I have Staci who is hooking me up with a work-out program. Thanks again, Staci!

-that’s it. I’m tired. Night!

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  1. I was wondering when you would post again!

    I am totally impressed with that pie! Good thing you joined the gym. I don’t think I told you, but I joined the gym last week too! Staci, I need a workout program too!
    Sounds like you guys have been busy!!

  2. thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your blog. is this digital scrapbooking that you have posted here? I am into scrapping, but not digitally, whats a good way to start? Also, I just set my blog to private, once I got the site meter I got a little freaked out all the unknown people viewing it. What is your email address and I can add you as a reader ifyou like.
    talk to you soon

  3. i love your athletic runner son who also can double as a maid in a pinch!
    i love that derek got you flowers and that you made a pie that is even more intense than some of mammy luttrell’s amazing recipes.
    i love you.

  4. That pie looks scrumptious! You know I am a PB and chocolate freak – bring the recipe with you when you come for Thanksgiving and we’ll make one that week!

    Wish I could have seen Connor race – sounds like it was fund.

  5. I’m doing the purging thing right now too. I love getting rid of stuff and organizing, it feels great! Also, I’m going to need you to send one of those pies our way…Ryan and I were drooling on the computer just looking at it 🙂
    Happy Almost Halloween!

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