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Cindi has some of my maternity pictures and newborn pictures of Cam on her blog. I just can’t believe how amazing they are. I can’t wait to have them up on the walls! Thanks again so much, Cindi!

We are just about to head back home after five days of visiting family and friends. It’s been a fun trip, and I think I am equal parts nervous about Derek going back to work and us being on our own, but I am also excited to officially begin our adventure as a family of five. I sure am going to miss my mom, though. There is just something about giving birth and having a newborn that makes me appreciate my mom a million times more than normal. She’s been with us (either at our house or hers) for 2 weeks, and I am really going to miss having her around every day. I am so incredibly thankful that my mom and I made the switch to friends when I grew up.

(Derek thinks I am going to have a breakdown when we leave, and I keep telling him I won’t and that I will be fine. But thinking about my mom and how much she has helped and how much I love and appreciate her is making me think that D might be right! I hate when my husband knows me better than I know myself…)

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  1. The pics are AMAZING!! You look GORGEOUS (and btw, so does Camryn). If you’re looking for an easy outing on your first week flying solo, my house is available.:) I can’t wait to see that sweet girl.

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