I finally figured out how to get videos off my phone!  I feel like a bit of a super genius, because Derek did it for me before, but there was no sound.  I figured out how to get them on the blog with sound.  Go me!

Here’s a few videos from the evacuation. Camryn really didn’t scream like that for too long, thank goodness!

Adventures in Evacuating

Adventures in Evacuating Part Two

Cami Jane is usually a lot more like this:

Camryn Talking

(please let me know if for some reason those don’t work, and I will get off my “I’m a genius” pedestal.)

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  1. Yep, you’re officially a GENIUS! Wear that hat proudly. I am glad that you put the cute video of Camryn talking on there too, it was hard to hear her scream like that! Poor you guys! Glad you are back home and doing well. Thanks for the posts!

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