Guess who’s home!

On June 21, Derek boarded a plane to Germany.  He worked for a week, I joined him for a week, and he then traveled on to China.  Today, after 3 weeks away, he is home!  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back with us.  I loved watching the boys run into his arms, and Miss Camryn simply wanted to be held.  She rested contentedly in his arms for the first 20 minutes he was home (and you guys know how busy one year olds are!)

We survived without him…had some really good days,and some really bad days.  But I can say, without any reservation, we are all better off when he is home with us.  He’s my better half and the best dad our kids could possibly ask for.  I mean, seriously…he just traveled for 21 hours to get home, his body has no clue what day or time it is (China is 13 hours ahead), and within 1 hour of being home, he was off to the pool with the boys (and the baby girl and I soon followed.)

He is seriously the greatest!

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  1. I knew you could do it girlie. You are such a great momma and yes he’s a great daddy. Most men would of said hello, got comfy and then headed off to bed or watch tv to relax. You 2 are the best parents!

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