Camryn’s Surgery

On Monday, the morning of her birthday party, I took Camryn to the ENT to have her ears looked at.  She’s had 7 ear infections since she was 3 months old, and enough is enough!  The doctor suggested getting tubes, which I was really thankful for.  I’m tired of the monthly doctor visits and antibiotics!  The only days available for the surgery were that Thursday (the day Derek and I would still be out of town with the boys) or August 20th.  I really did not want to wait another month to get it done, so I talked to the doctor and my mom and we decided that Mamaw could take her on Thursday morning to get it done.  I should probably start saving now for the therapy bill once she finds out that she, the poor third child, had surgery while her mom, dad, and brothers were on vacation.  Things like that never happen with a first child!

They had to be at the hospital bright and early on Thursday morning.  Camryn wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything…look at her poor, pitiful little face!

She spent some time before the surgery reading books…

And even took a little nap!

My mom tells me that she screamed and screamed when any of the (female) nurses did anything, but she sat, happy as a clam, with the (male) anesthesiologist, and when he took her back for the surgery, she never even looked back.  That just tells you what a daddy’s girl she is.  She definitely prefers men over women.

The surgery took no time at all, and when the doctor found another horrible ear infection (where there had been no infection on Monday), I was definitely glad that we did the surgery asap instead of waiting until August.

Shortly after the surgery, she happily crawled around on the bed…

chowed down on cheerios…

enjoyed a nice, tall glass of milk,

And practiced climbing in and out of the hospital closet.

By the time Derek, the boys, and I got home on Thursday afternoon, you never would have guessed that anything out of the ordinary went on in her little world.  And when we flew to Dallas that night (and got delayed at the airport for several hours), she was just happy, happy, happy.  Hopefully, she won’t hold anything against me. 🙂

(And thanks again, mom, for taking care of her!  You really went above and beyond!)

5 Replies to “Camryn’s Surgery”

  1. awww, poor baby! what an amazing mom you have to do that for you!! she even gave you great photo-journaling!!!!! way to go, mom! 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how resilient they are! I was so scared when Jackson had his tubes done, and then afterwards, wondered why I waited so long! They were amazing! Glad Camryn is doing well, and y’all had a fabulous vacation!

  3. Chad is the third child. I asked his mom how big he was at 1 so I could compare it to Brooks. Her baby book for him jumped from 4 months to 20 months. There is no record of Chad’s life between that time. Oh, the poor third child.

  4. So, I actually meant to put that comment under the other post about leaving C behind on vacation…oops. I guess 9:00 is too early to be posting comments.

  5. So glad to hear it went well! I’m sure that wasn’t easy for you to not be there. How did she do coming out of the anesthesia? Preston had surgery on his tear ducts when he was 18 months and he did great, except coming out of the anesthesia….it took him a LONG time to calm down! Not fun…..
    She is such a little cutie and I love the picture of her sleeping in the little hospital gown on the bed! Adorable!

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