Is it summer yet?

Because we are ready for some fun in the sun!


It’s Gymbucks time and I could not resist this little bikini!  I think she is channeling her inner swimsuit model in this next one.  If you look closely, you can still see the tears on her cheeks.  She was a little appalled at first that I wanted to dress her and pretend that she is my real life doll.  But a few smarties snapped her right out of it.  Bribery….it really works.


We also pretended to call daddy to tell him all about the cuteness.  That made her happiest of all.


“Daddy?  You would not believe this crazy lady.  It’s 54 degrees outside and raining and she is making me parade around in a bikini!  You have to come home and save me.  And can you bring me a new a baby and some fruit snacks and hold me from the minute you get home until I go to bed?  Thanks, daddy.  You’re the best.  You’re my favorite.  I know I have you all tangled up in my web of cuteness, but really…who can blame you?  I’m pretty hard to resist.  Love you.”

So I realize that my blog is super Cam heavy lately…she is just the one I have pictures of!  The boys literally run away if they see my camera.  I suppose I could just tell stories, but I always like to have pictures to go with them.  Here’s a quick little rundown on the boys:

-Connor went to the doctor last week for his well child check up and he is almost 4.5 feet tall!  I mean, he’s so tall, it feels weird to even refer to his height in inches anymore (he’s 53.5 inches, by the way).  The doctor figures he will be at least 6’4.  People always tell us we need to get him into basketball.  Um…I don’t think that will happen.  He has a lot of gifts, but athleticism doesn’t really seem to be one of them.  Except in the pool.  The kid rocks swim team.  But being tall is good for that sport, too.

-Logan had his first sleepover on Monday night with his two bff’s, Noah and Gabriel.  He had the best time and is already asking when the next sleepover will happen.  I love that he already has such close friendships.  We are trying to enjoy as much time as possible with his buddies because next year they will all be in kindergarten, and Logan will be at a different school.  It just won’t be the same, but lucky for them, Noah and Gabriel’s moms are two of my close friends so they are pretty much stuck being friends forever.

-One night a few weeks ago, I was laying down with Connor for a few minutes at bedtime.  He was asking question after question after question about the most random things.  That is so Connor.  His mind is always running a million miles a minute.  I told him he needed to tell his brain to be quiet so he could fall asleep.  “But mom,” he said, “my mind is loaded with questions.”  Understatement of the century.

-Logan is as crazy as ever and literally never stops moving.  Love that kid.  Even when he’s figured out that if he yells and cries really loudly, his brother and sister are more likely to get in trouble.  We’re working on it.  I didn’t really realize how bad it had gotten until he was gone for his sleepover…there were literally no tears or fights or screaming that night.  Hmmm….

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 Replies to “Is it summer yet?”

  1. oh my gosh, SO cute!!!! I LOVE her little conversation (or yours) with daddy. oh, I bet that is so true. adorable. I ordered all 3 girls the blue & yellow polka dot suits (all matching!). hehe. can’t wait to see that one!

  2. fabulous swimsuit find! let’s go swimming together soon:) totally made my weekend getting to see you guys and chat with you. have i mentioned lately that i love you!?

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