beautiful Saturday

It was such a nice day here today!  I went to a wedding shower this morning, and when we pulled into the hostess’ neighborhood, I saw a great field of weeds wildflowers.  Our afternoon/evening was wide open, so I gussied the kids up and headed to the field to get some pictures.

Let me just say, for the record, that I really love taking pictures for other people.  Really love it.  But taking pictures of my own kids?  Don’t love it so much.  Love my kids…no doubt about that…but I find it so much harder to take pictures of them!  I flat out offered Connor and Logan $1 each if they would just listen to me, cooperate, and have fun.  We did have some moments of fun and got a handful of cute pictures.  But we also had many moments like this.


I feel your pain, sister.  I feel your pain.

When I got back home, I was feeling very frustrated and hungry (which is never a good combination.)  I was so happy when I downloaded the pictures and saw several that brought a smile to my face.  And while most of these won’t be enlarged or put in a frame, I love them.  And that’s what photography is all about for me.  It’s not about the perfectly posed picture.  It’s about capturing my kid’s personalities in a still frame.


No children were hurt in the following picture.  You go, Camryn.  She holds her own, that’s for sure!  And the bored look on Connor’s face cracks me up!


I love this next one.  My kids are for real a crazy bunch of little people, and this just captures it perfectly.


Sweet brothers.  Today was one of those days where they were the best of friends.  I wish I could say that is normally the case,but not so much.   But today was a good day.  They played and played and played at home all day, and then they played and played and played in this field.  It was great.



Is he a handsome kid or what?  Love this picture of him.


So, while it wasn’t as fabulous a photo shoot as I had made it out to be in my head, I will still count it as a success.  But it did confirm what I had been feeling for quite some time: it is so much easier to take pictures of other people’s children!

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  1. seriously. cute. Connor is looking SO grown up… great, but makes ME a little sad! ha!

    Camryn and her little belly.. precious!

    And you’re right the one of the three being crazy. Perfect. You need to frame that one. BIG!

    Love you … miss you! We’ve got to chat and catch up.. it’s been like 2 weeks!

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