He’s 5

My Logan turned 5 years old last week.  I wanted to get some 5 year old pictures of him, so I took him out to my “studio” (aka my garage…gorgeous light out there!) and took some pictures.  I was happy with the handful of good ones I came away with, but man, he did not make it easy!  First there was the fight over me making him wear a “church shirt”.  Then, when I suggested ways that he sit or stand, he balked.  He informed me he would only make grumpy or silly faces.  I tell you what, my own kids sure give me a run for my money!  It was fake bodily functions and knock knock jokes that finally got him to smile a little bit.  They are probably sick of having the camera in their face all the time, even though most of the time I try to be a little covert about it.  I also am realizing more and more that I much prefer the outdoor photo shoot as opposed to the “studio” type shoot.  But, there is always a time a place for this type of photo, too!

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