Paper Trunk Winner!

All of the winners have been announced on the Paper Trunk Blog.  But I thought I should go ahead an announce the winner from my blog.  First, just in case you haven’t seen the entire Rockabilly collection all together, here it is!





It’s so fun!  And so versatile.  It gets me all fired up to scrapbook.  Did I really just say all fired up?  Wow.  I AM a dork!

Anyway, without further ado, the winner from my blog (as chosen by the random number generator) is….



That’s gotta be Elvis….love this paper too:)

Congrats, Donna!  I’ll be emailing you later tonight once I get these munchkins to bed.  I can tell we are all so ready for summer because bath time/bed time keeps happening later and later. 🙂

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