And just like that, she is 2

It pretty much goes without saying that it’s hard to believe my baby girl is 2!  We had a great day today, celebrating Miss Camryn Jane.

Tuesday is gymnastics day, so after gymnastics, we had our friends over to our neighborhood pool for some swimming, cupcakes, and pizza.  No big party for Cami this year…sorry kiddo…daddy and I took a helicopter ride with your birthday party money.  🙂  It’s funny how even a small party gets pretty big in my group of friends.  We had 7 adults and 16 kids, and that was after two cancellations, one for a sick kiddo (missed you, alm!) and a baby (good luck tomorrow, dayanne!)  I am so thankful to have such a great group of friends with so many kids for my kids to grow up with.  And kudos to my brother for being the lone dad at the party.  The doctor schedule can come in handy for middle of the week events!



We really had a great time.  Summer+pool+friends=fun.

Tonight we continued celebrating our birthday princess.  Logan really did crown her the birthday princess.  He ran into her room to find this crown for her to wear.  She totally embraced it.  Too cute!


Once Derek got home from work, she opened her presents.  Like our wrapping paper?  Our sweet third born…with a summer birthday the week after being gone for 10 days, I did not get a chance to get her main present.  I sent Derek to the store on his way home from work, and we decided that bag totally made good wrapping paper for a 2 year old.


I’ve wanted to get her these counting cakes ever since Camryn (and Logan) played with them at Adelaide’s 2nd birthday party.  They were a big hit!  And they have the added bonus of being educational and not taking up much space.  Right now, I am all about toys that don’t take up space.



She opened her other little presents-a baby from Logan and a coloring book from Connor.


We had a little playtime, both inside and out, before dinner.



The birthday girl got to pick what we had for dinner, and she chose hot dogs.  She loves hot dogs.  Like she asks for them for breakfast and would eat them every meal if i let her.


There were cupcakes for dessert, of course.  Surprisingly, she really wasn’t a fan.  She doesn’t particularly love being messy, and let’s face it.  There really isn’t any way to eat a cupcake without making a mess.  She licked the top, therefore marking it as hers, and then did not eat another bite.


But she’s the cutest 2 year old I know and I love her to pieces.  I love her spunky attitude, her tender heart, the way she plays mommy with her babies, and the way she squints when she smiles real big.  I love that it’s not unusual for her to wear her pink crocs to bed, and that she has to have “two babies” (a.k.a all of them) and her blankets when she sleeps.   I love that she is so social and never wants to be alone in a room (it makes disciplining her pretty easy…)  I love her bright blue eyes, her super blond hair, and her big, fat belly and stubby baby legs.  I love that she is talking more and more, repeating anything we say to her, and that she already has a mind of her own but at the same time, she likes to please us.  I love the way she snuggles, the way she loves her brothers, and the way she totally keeps up with them, wrestles with them, and plays as loudly as they do.  I love the way she loves her daddy.

She is, simply put, a joy.


Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Camryn. Glad it was such a fun day – she is absolutely adorable. It’s fun to see her grow up “along with” Caroline via pictures.
    Glad you had fun in Hawaii!! What a great vacation.

  2. happy bday beautiful girl!
    so sorry to miss your celebration but we will play soon.
    meg- you will like the bday gift we got her because it is fun AND smallish. i was so excited when i read that’s a bonus right now:)

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