Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

I tried a new recipe yesterday, and it was yummy.

Then tonight, we at the leftovers and it was even yummier!  That, my friends, is a winner.  Sorry there are no pictures for this post.  I don’t usually blog about food…I do cook for my family, but making spaghetti and tacos isn’t exactly great blogging material.  My recipe rotation has been especially boring this summer, so it was definitely time for something new.

Enter Mediterranean Chicken Wraps.
(recipe found in Parenting magazine)

You need (and it sounds like sort of a lot of ingredients, but trust me, this recipe is so easy and so fast!)
The Sauce:
–1 cup plain Greek yogurt
–2 t lemon juice (I squeezed half of a fresh lemon. No measuring needed!)
–1 clove garlic
–2 T of dill. Or if you’re like me and couldn’t find dill on your spice rack, Greek seasoning.
–1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped
–Salt and pepper to taste

The Chicken:
–1/2 rotisserie chicken, shredded
–diced tomatoes
–kalamata olives
–thinly sliced onion
–Greek seasoning
–2 T olive oil

Toss all the chicken ingredients in a bowl. Serve on warmed (pocketless) pita bread and top with cucumber yogurt sauce and feta cheese.

So that’s it! It was so yummy, but the kicker is it was even better tonight! We ate all the pita bread last night, so tonight I just made a chicken salad sandwich, Mediterranean style. I spread the sauce on some wheat bread, topped with the leftover chicken mixture and lots of feta cheese. It was so good! Connor even ate it up. (Not Logan and Camryn so much, but 3 out of 5 of us liked it, so that’s winner in my book!)


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