Say it with me: Beautiful! {Friendswood Texas Family Photographer}

As soon as I saw this sweet family, one word came to mind: beautiful.  Their children are beautiful, mom and dad are beautiful, and after just a short time together, I could see that they aren’t just beautiful on the outside.  They are beautiful on the inside, too.  Full of life, love, smiles, laughter, and fun.  Oh, it is such a joy to meet families like this.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.  Five year old boys+me=FUN!  I love, love, love this age!  It probably helps that I have two boys of my own just about this guy’s age.  I always have lots and lots to talk about.  And my R2D2 impressions are always a hit (which is honestly a nice change…I think my own boys are totally over all my antics!)  Isn’t he just so handsome?  And he’s got a big ol’ personality to go right along with it.  He’s got the whole package!

And sweet little sister.  She just turned one.  That tutu…oh man, I loved it.  Miss B. was a sweet little busy bundle of energy!  I loved watching her toddle around, still just a little unsteady and with Frankenstein arms in full effect.  I loved how she explored every little detail in the world around us, from the rocks, to the leaves, to the cracks in the bridge, to the other people at the park.  The world is hers to discover.  And I loved how she would break into the biggest grin every time she laid eyes on her mama or daddy.  She is one loved little girl, and something tells me that she is going to love back just as fiercely.

And finally, the sibling love.  Can you feel it?  Brother is loving on sister, sister is maybe just a touched panicked about it but smiling because she knows her big brother has got her back.

Thank you so much, S family!  I can’t wait to share the rest!

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