A Day to Remember {Houston Children’s Photographer}

Yesterday I had the really fun opportunity to take pictures at the birthday party of a precious little 4 year old. I was looking forward to this shoot so much, and it definitely did not disappoint! The party was absolutely amazing. It was held at the family’s gorgeous home and the activities included pony rides, a real monkey, a bounce house, a pinata, a visit from the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt, and much, much more. It was an absolute blast and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it! All the kids had the best time, the family was so very sweet, and the birthday girl was just as cute and as spunky as can be.

It was such a wonderful and happy event.  You could just feel the joy and the love that surrounds Miss A.  She is such a lucky and blessed little girl to have a mom and a dad and so many friends that love her so very much.

And I just have to share one of the little monkey, Miss Abby Grace.  As you can probably imagine, she was the hit of the party!  The kids couldn’t get enough of her.  And I was totally impressed by her, too.  In the words of her owner, “she doesn’t know she’s a monkey.”   And I totally believe that.  She was so social, sat nicely on the kids’ laps, caught grapes, ate cake, opened water bottles, and on and on and on.  I bet every kid left that party wishing for a monkey of his or her very own!

Thank you so much, B family, for inviting me to be a part of A’s special day!

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