Someday I’ll blog regularly again.

(If anyone still even reads this thing.  And even if no one does, that doesn’t change things.  Someday I will blog again.)

Man, I miss blogging!  The main reason for long silence on here is most definitely that little photography business that exploded with 9 regular sessions, 3 mini sessions,  and a preschool this month!  Must learn to balance…must learn to say no…but man do I love what I’m doing.   I love all the people I’ve gotten to meet.  I love capturing kids being their beautiful, goofy selves.  I love it all….minus the fact that it keeps me from blogging here.  By the end of the day (which most days this month is pushing midnight) I am completely tapped out.  My brain is mush.  And so I go to bed again without blogging.

But not tonight! Although now that I’m sitting here it’s like I can’t even think of anything to say.  So I thought I would go and look for some pictures to post, but that just overwhelmed me because it’s been so long since I last blogged!

I could blog about soccer season.

I could blog about the half-marathon that I ran…very slowly. I finished…that’s what matters, right? That’s what I keep telling myself. I wish I wasn’t so competitive and I could feel good about just finishing instead of feeling sort of embarrassed at my super slow time.

I could blog about our camping trip and San Antonio trip over spring break.

I could blog about the baby chicks we got to keep for a weekend that I was absolutely sure would not survive 2 days in the Thurman Casa with the cat plus a few kids who don’t really understand what it means to be “gentle” with something. But, against all odds, the chicks survived.

I could blog about how big Camryn is getting or how she likes to change her clothes 3-4 times a day or how she wore her new crocs for 72 straight hours after getting them.
I could blog about how Logan’s reading is really starting to take off and how fun it is to see it all come together for him.
I could blog about Connor and how it feels like we’re going to be coming up on a whole new set of challenges with peer pressure and negative influences at school.

I could blog about my pretty yard that I worked my butt off fixing up this spring. I dug up bushes, hardcore cleaned out flower beds, planted new flowers, mulched, and now I dutifully water each and every day since we haven’t had one dad gum rain storm since I did all that work a month ago!

I could blog about my cleaning lady who might just be my new bff, and how happy I am that I finally called her. It feels sort of life changing and liberating and I am already so very thankful for her and she’s only cleaned once! She is amazing.

I could blog about our vacation coming up in just 10 days! I cannot wait. We are headed back to Cali for a week of fun and friends and family and Disney! It’s going to be amazing.

There are probably a million other things I could blog about. But this is it for today. Just a little random writing about this crazy month.

All in all, life is really good. Life is really sweet. Things are busy, but good.

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  1. cleaning ladies are the best when you are super busy and an extra blessing when they aren’t. Is it wrong that I walk into my house on cleaning days and absolutely love the smell of pine-sol? Oh! A clean house! (inhale deeply).

  2. Yea! I clicked on your blog on the off chance…. and there it was! I know you’ve been really busy, but we miss our few moments with you and your family.

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