Mini Session Sneak {Houston Children’s Photographer}

I was so excited about my morning of mini sessions in the Metroplex.  I knew it was going to be a great morning with two sessions of adorable kids and one beautiful and sweet family session. Add to that the most perfect weather and a fun (new to me) location, and the magic is bound to happen.

Now, I really think that all of my clients are special and I love them all.  But we go way back with these guys.  Derek has been best friends with Ryan since the 7th grade.  Ryan married Maggie, and now, 12 years later, they have these 2 beautiful kids.   We are all crazy about each other and hang out every chance we get.  Ryan and Derek are still best friends, and over the years, Maggie has become on of my best friends, too.  We’ve never lived in the same city as them, and really only see them every few months.  But it doesn’t even matter.  We just pick right back up and it’s like no time has even passed.  I treasure our friendship with them so very much.

And I treasure these kids, too.

They are fun and sweet and love each other so much.

And, they are so stinkin’ cute, too.  Maisy is convinced that she and Connor are going to get married someday.  Now, if you ask Connor about it, he isn’t quite as enthusiastic.  But, he did say the other night that they are good friends and he likes to be with her, so yeah, maybe they can get married.  He’s wise…always marry your best friend.

And Weaver…sweet and spunky Weaver.  He has so much energy and always gives me a run for my money.  But I just love him!  I love a boy who is so full of personality that it can’t help but bubble over at any moment.

And one more..I just love how Maisy is looking at Weaver and cracking up.  I have a feeling that’s a pretty typical scene for these two.

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