Connections {Houston Family Photographer}

One of my favorite things about this job is meeting fun new people.  You know what’s even better than that?  Re-meeting someone who I crossed paths with many years ago.  When Jennifer contacted me, I immediately thought her name looked familiar.  After a little facebook stalking (c’mon,  you know you do it too!), I saw that we had several mutual friends in common from college.  So I pulled out my trusty college yearbook, and sure enough, there she was.  We’re now officially facebook friends, and I think the next step is real life friends.  I loved getting to reconnect with her, and meet her husband and her precious (and I mean precious) baby boy.

See what I mean about that sweet baby?  If that face doesn’t make you smile, then I think your heart must be made out of stone.

As much as I loved hanging out with sweet baby G, he really wasn’t the main focus of our session.  Well, he was, but it was really all about the family photos.

But let’s face it.  He’s really the star.  I just love watching moms and dads with their firstborn babies.  I really shouldn’t say firstborn only, because every child is so special and the love just pours out.  But there is something special about that heart-bursting, gut-wrenching, firstborn love.

Something tells me that Mr. G soaks it all up and loves every bit of it.

Jennifer, it was so great to reconnect with you and meet your sweet family.  I’m serious about the whole real-life friends thing.  Let’s do lunch soon!

Just be sure and bring that precious baby along so he can grin at me some more.

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