today was a good one

Today was our first day of Thanksgiving break.  I love that the kids get a whole week off!  It makes it so easy to travel plus gives us plenty of time to decorate for Christmas before we head up to spend Thanksgiving with our families.  I pulled everything out of the attic today and spent the afternoon arranging.  We won’t get our tree for a few more weeks because we go cut down our own.  And I don’t like to decorate the outside until after Thanksgiving, but I love to get a little head start on decorating the inside!

I found a couple of unpainted ornaments in our Christmas box, and Logan and Camryn immediately got started on them.  It gave me the perfect excuse to pull out my camera and play with my newest lens (a 50mm f/1.4…I’m loving it!)  I know that I don’t take near as many everyday photos of the kids as I did a few years ago before I started the business.  It was really fun to get back to my photo roots today.

We really had such a fun day today.  We went to the library to stock up on books and books on CD for the week.  My kids love to listen to books in the car.  We played at the park for awhile, and had lunch with my friend Laura.  Connor spent the afternoon playing with a friend while Camryn napped and Logan watched a movie.  I did my last little bit of pre-Thanksgiving work (I am declaring myself officially on vacation for the next week!  And even then, I am in the home stretch of business.  It feels great to accomplish some sort of work/home balance this year after definitely missing the mark last year.)  This evening we decorated, and ate a thrown together taco salad for dinner that turned out to be super delicious.  It was one of those days where everyone got along, everyone had a good attitude all day, and I am just feeling super thankful and blessed about my happy little life.  We certainly have our share of hard days, so I’m going to soak up every minute of a day like today.

‘Tis the season to be thankful.  And I have so much to be thankful for.

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