Merriment all around

It’s a bit of a rite of passage to participate in a preschool Christmas program. Camryn’s new preschool does a big program on the big stage complete with fancy Christmas outfits. It was so cute! I was happy that Camryn happily agreed to wear her Christmas dress, tights, and even little black mary janes instead of her standard purple converse or pink crocs. She looked adorable!

When she walked on the big stage, she looked a little shy and a little unsure of herself.  She finally found her little spot, but I could tell she was still a little unsure about this whole performing thing.

She spent part of the time singing and participating, part of the time watching the kids around her sing, and only once did I see her hike up her dress to pull up her tights.

But my favorite moment of the whole show was this little guy who did a killer air guitar to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  It was seriously the greatest!  I wanted to take this spunky little guy home with me, but of course I didn’t since that would be totally creepy not to mention illegal.  But he really made the show, along with a little girl that held the final note a solid 4 beats after everyone else, and another little girl that asked her parents from the stage if “THEY LIKED MY SONG?!”

Bottom line?  I love preschoolers.  I love my preschooler.  And I loved the 2011 Christmas program.

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  1. Megan…that is the prettiest little red dress ever. It fits Camryn to a T. So very cute. Just love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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