Interview with Camryn

Partly inspired by Cindi, partly inspired from a party favor Camryn received last week.

Favorite Friend: Adelaide

Favorite Place: Disneyland

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie: Eloise

Favorite Music: Francine

Favorite Food: Apples

Yuckiest Food: eggs

Favorite Animal: Dallas (our cat)

Favorite Song: Jingle Bells

Favorite toy: Dollhouse and princesses

Favorite thing to do with daddy: Get animals at the store

Favorite thing to do with mommy: play on the bounce house

Favorite thing to do with Connor and Logan: play Dinseyland with them.

What’s your favorite sport: skating

Favorite Book: Olivia

What are you really good at: sports

What do you want to be when you grow up: a teacher

What makes you happy: take pictures

What makes you sad: when I’m sick

Favorite thing to play outside: swing

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