The smile says it all {Clear Lake Houston Senior Photographer}

Tap, tap, tap…is thing thing still on?  Do I even remember how to blog on here?  I cannot believe that I have not blogged since November!  How in the world have 5 months gone by?  It’s crazy, I tell you!  I’m still here, still shooting away, and still loving every second of it.  January through March is definitely my slower season, and this year I 100% took it easy, and enjoyed every second of it.  But I’m back to work, and nothing brings me right back to photography reality like shooting a preschool, and family, a senior, and a wedding all in the span of two weeks!  It was fast and furious, and I’m so excited to be sharing some sneaks.

I don’t even know where to begin with this sweet girl.  She is so beautiful, inside and out.  She loves others and loves the Lord with a passion that is palpable.  She sings, she loves to laugh, and we giggled our way through most of our two sessions.  That’s right, two sessions.  I didn’t even mind that we got rained out halfway through our first session because that just meant I got to spend more time hanging out with a girl who makes me feel like I’m 18 again.  I can remember counting down the days until I headed off to college, just like she’s doing.  She’s even heading off to Abilene Christian, just like I did.  I have such great memories from my time there, and I know she is going to have no trouble at all making her own wonderful memories.  Her future is bright.


Yup, I’d say she’s got a bright future ahead of her to match her beautiful and bright smile.  Thanks so much for bringing your sunshine personality to your session!  I cant wait to hear about all your adventures to come.

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