He makes me smile {Clear Lake Texas Baby Photographer}

I think I’m allowed to say that this is my very favorite baby to photograph since he’s mine.  I can’t believe that Sullivan is 4 months old already!  I took some 4 month photos of him today that are a little different than what I typically do, but it was fun to play with a more traditional studio set up.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better model!  It’s hard to believe that he’s gone from this at 6 weeks old:

To this at 4.5 months old:

He is seriously the happiest baby, breaking out into this grin pretty much any time someone talks to him.

He’s chunked up quite a bit this past month!  He’s still a little peanut, but he’s starting to get those great baby rolls and chubby cheeks.

Although as far as I’m concerned, he can just go ahead and stay little.  I’m enjoying his baby-ness so much and don’t want him to grow up too fast!


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