How cute are these guys?

Connor has so much fun playing with his cousin Madison. She is 5 and I think that is Connor’s absolute favorite age of kids to play with. They had so much fun the other night-chasing each other, driving the jeep, and just being silly. I took these pictures and couldn’t wait to scrap them. Luckily, Nick just bought a nice photo printer so I could print them right out. I love the immediate gratification of digital pictures!


Yestday, I went with RyAnn and a bunch of her friends to the Ft. Worth Zoo. When I asked Connor what his favorite part was he said “the jeep with the monkey.” Not the white tiger that we saw up close, not the birds we fed, not the elephants or monkeys. A toy jeep is his favorite. That is so typically Connor!

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  1. Those pictures of Connor and Madison are so precious. I am so glad that I am going to see my family tomorrow!

    I really like that picture of Connor at the zoo where he is practically sitting on top of a white tiger and doesn’t seem interested at all.

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