This is scary

I was digging through some old pictures yesterday trying to find the perfect one to use in this weeks effer dare. I came across this picture of me at 3 years old.


I thought to myself wow, that is a Connor face. But then I wondered if I was just being a proud mama or if it really did look like Connor. So I showed it to Derek without saying anything and he said “well, now we know what Connor would look like wearing red tights!”

So then I decided to play around in photoshop a bit…Check this out.


Pretty scary, huh!

13 Replies to “This is scary”

  1. WHOA! I seriously looked at that picture and first off thought oh my goodness that looks just like Connor, or at least pictures of Connor, since I’ve never actually seen Connor!

  2. Hi there Meg. Just wanted to say hi. I didn’t know you had a blog! I’m going to put this in my faves and visit more often. Love your site.

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