One for the books

Today was supposed to be our big farm and pumpkin patch day. I decided that since I have so much time with the boys alone I needed to get out and do something really fun. I looked around online and found a great farm-Faulkner Farm. It’s 75 miles away but it really looked cool so I decided to just go. We were supposed to go on Monday, but it rained all day. It also rained all day Tuesday. Today was beautiful-sunny with a high of 68.

It was a rough morning filled with uncooperative Connor, fussy Logan, and grumpy me just because I’m worn out. We made it to the car to begin our great farm adventure. It took just about an hour to get to the farm. We pull up and we are both just so excited. I get everyone and everything unloaded, we walk up to pay the entrance fee and….

The farm is closed. Because of the dad gum rain. It made everything too wet. I almost cried. The nice worker felt so bad. “I hope you didn’t drive far” she says. Yeah, we pretty much did. She let us buy a pumpkin, gave Connor some stickers, and we left the farm. Connor didn’t seem to mind too much. The kid’s never been to a farm before so for all he knows that’s all there is to it. He was happy with his pumpkin and his stickers.

Well, after an hour in the car I refuse to go home defeated! After a few tears in the car I decided to make some lemonade out of our lemon of a day. The farm lady told us about a fish hatchery a few miles down the road, so off we go. Instead of beautiful farm scape and scenic pumpkin pictures, this is what we get.

October 128.jpg
A rusty trash can, an old pickup truck, and fish in cement troughs.

But feeding the fish was fun. Even Logan was happy to be at the hatchery.

October 115.jpg October 116.jpg

I called my mom and through the wonderful world of the internet, she found a park nearby where we could have a picnic and play. It was really a beautiful day and we all enjoyed our time outside. Well, except for Logan who was ready for another nap.

October 150.jpg

October 142.jpg

There was a huge slide at this park. I think it was the biggest slide that Connor has ever been on. This picture of him is his first time going down…
October 131_1.jpg

Let’s take a closer look at that classic face…
October 131_2.jpg

On the way home we stopped at a little fruit stand and loaded up on some deilcious apples and oranges and fresh veggies. I made Connor sit by the pumpkins so I could have at least one pumpkin picture today. I would have made Logan pose too, but he was totally out.
October 155.jpg

All that fruit buying, fish feeding, and park playing can really wear a fellow out. It was a very quiet drive home.
October 156.jpg

And I was happy.
October 151_1.jpg
(I liked the big fat slide, too.)

8 Replies to “One for the books”

  1. Oh my goodness…love the lemonade out of lemons! Too cute. Love the photo of Conner going down the slide! Classic…and YOU too! :)))) You had me giggling outloud when I saw the fish troughs and your comments under them! Heheheh…Love you girl! :))) thanks for sharing…and it sounds like it turned out to be a wonderful day afterall. 🙂 xx

  2. Sorry your pumpkin day was a little on the rocks…I like the last “shauna pose” picture. Do you remember how I used to do that on everyone’s cameras?!?! How fun.

  3. Oh man, I would have totally cried. That’s just like microwaving your favorite TV dinner, only to drop it on the floor because it’s too hot, and watch it splatter across the kitchen cabinets. OR my most disappointed moment that happens every other week. Someone gets out some Blue Bell out of my freezer, I’m in the living room visiting. The person in the kitchen does a good job about serving himself of the ice cream, but FAILS TO PUT IT BACK IN THE FREEZER! It’s awful to say goodbye to friends then walk into the kitchen just to turn off the lights, only to find a container of precious Blue Bell melted. Completely ruined! It makes me want to cry. So did it kind of feel like that when you approached the closed farm? At least you made the most of your day, all I get to do, is pour melted ice cream down the drain. 🙁

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